Roger Gill

Bass, Lead Vocals

Affectionately dubbed "Vince's better looking, more talented cousin" by the group, Roger Gill holds down the bottom end of G&L's sound while contributing his powerful lead vocals and confident stage presence.. Roger has a long and varied musical experience covering a wide range of musical styles, but brings his lifelong favorite -true country to every Gunpowder & Lace performance.

David Anthony

Guitar, Lead Vocals

Powerfully evoking such soulful country artists as Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban and Easton Corbin, David Anthony channels the longtime influence of such artists as Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder,and Kenny Loggins. David has long been a sought after singer/songwriter/guitarist throughout the region.  Performing for decades in everything from small venues to large auditoriums, David  commands the stage with comfort and ease. His impeccable harmonies and silky smooth vocal tones effortlessly blend with his musical siblings in Gunpowder & Lace.  

Joey Michaels

Keyboards, BG Vocals

Joey MIchaels' musical odesey began at the age of 13 . Born into a musical family, Joey has absorbed and performed Country Music since early childhood.  He possesses a versatile keyboard style and uncanny ability to replicate recorded keyboard textures, adding to the group's ability to accurately cover traditional and contemporary county favorites. Joey  contributes to the group's tight harmonies as well.

J. J. Foxxx

Lead Guitar

J.J. Foxxx takes no prisoners when he picks up one of his arsenal of six-string weapons, whether it be on a tender ballad or scorching dance number. J.J. has paid his dues on the road rocking live crowds, and is also an accomplished songwriter and producer. J.J. Foxxx brings over 30 years of broad musical experience to every single stage performance; he puts the electric in electric guitar with Gunpowder & Lace!

Gary Roda

Pedal Steel and Six- String Guitars

Gary Roda’s musical journey has covered a lot of ground since he was inspired, along with a whole generation, by TBOES (The Beatles on Ed Sullivan). After first taking up guitar in the early 60’s, he was later heavily influenced by the “West-Coast Country” movement, leading to his adding the far more addictive pedal steel guitar in 1973. Through the years, Gary has worked at every level from local bands to national recording and touring acts, and brings a wealth of experience to his position as bandleader and  pedal steel guitarist with Gunpowder & Lace. Gary occasionally picks up a six-string and  shows he has not forgotten who brung him to the dance.